My Professional Articles To Date

Last month I received a request for a compendium of all of my professional articles to date, so this seems as good a place as any to list them. I'm not sure if I should update this post when a new article comes out or if I should just repost everything so it's all in once place, but I'm open to comments or suggestions. Anyway here goes. The list is chronological.

Seven Signs

Publisher:, a popular project management portal, readership 1.5 million project managers a month

Date: 11/2006

Abstract: Headed for trouble? Here are some ways out of the mess. This article will revisit seven of the most common causes for project failure, consider their solutions and provide some techniques you might have missed such as developing an ERD from Day One, and driving the user interface based on the structure of your data.

Nine ASP.Net Site Navigation Problems and Solutions Part 2

Date: 8/2006

Publisher:, a popular software development portal, readership 1.2 Million developers a month

Abstract: Discover how to grant or deny users access to pages in your sites, automatically reflect that in your navigation, and how to create dynamic site maps using database-driven data. The article covers extending ASP.Net 2.0's provider model and using the SqlCacheDependency to have SQL Server 2005 notify your application when data changes.

Nine ASP.Net Site Navigation Problems and Solutions Part 1

Date: 7/2006


Abstract: Find out how to use ASP.NET 2.0's site navigation controls to not only make building site navigation displays simple, but also solve real-world problems, such as hiding selected pages, or displaying "breadcrumbs."

Hierarchical Data and Nested DataGrids

Date: 5/2006


Abstract: Learn how to use nested DataGrids to display hierarchical data and avoid the maintenance nightmare of dynamically-created HTML tables.

Cracking the Code

Date: 10/2005


Abstract: Developers have been slow to adopt it, but code generation is coming into its own. This article will examine improvements which make this technology a better bet than ever before and discuss which projects can benefit most from code generation.

Rapid Application Development

Date: 10/2005

Publisher:, readership 130,000 subscribers

Note: Since requires a login you might as well just read it on the Blue Ink website at

Abstract: Rapid Application Development is a software development methodology that involves iterative development cycles, the construction of prototypes, and the use of CASE Tools.