Friday, February 9, 2007

SEO - Choosing a Keyword

Search Engine Optimization is an area of interest for me, but it isn't what I wanted this BLOG to be about. Regardless, while reading Douglas Kinney's recent post on his BLOG about it I couldn't help adding a comment and thought I might repost it here. Doug's post is a great summary of SEO if you're interested:

I really just felt the need to add the following comment to his post on the topic of choosing a keyword in the first place:


A note on keywords: don’t randomly choose one. Carefully analyze it based one:

1. The amount of traffic you will receive
2. Competition (likelihood you will make the first page)
3. Relevance to your business

Being anal I put together a spreadsheet with weighted averages. But hey, “rapid application development” is now consistently placed 3-5 on Google for Blue Ink ( and it generates 50% of my traffic, so I guess it isn’t all bad. Also if you’re interested in SEO you MUST check out this site to determine how much traffic your potential keyword will receive:


That was my post. If you're interested in SEO, though you really should read the following: - Overall SEO strategies, great resource, lots of reading – Google rankings, track your site’s popularity over time - If you aren’t using Google analytics yet DO IT NOW. It’s free and it’s amazing. Make sure to check out the “Site Overlay” report. Awesome use of AJAX!

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