Be a Hero on Day 1 with ASP.Net Boilerplate

ASP.Net Boilerplate is a web framework you've likely never heard of, but probably should have. Fortunately, I just published a new episode of Code Hour where I give an overview of it.

In the episode I show how ASP.Net Boilerplate provides a huge leg up when starting new web projects. I show how it generates a fully functional site complete with authentication, authorization, multi-tenancy, auditing, and a ton of best practices like dependency injection, unit of work, and repository pattern.
While I only show the Angular front-end, I point out that there are four different front-ends to choose from including React, Angular, Vue, or ASP.Net MVC 5 with Razor Views.
If you've got a spare hour (or far less at chipmunk speed), watch and learn why I think it's awesome, and how it can make you a hero on day 1 of your next project.

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Vedran said…
Fantastic overview. Actually went with human speed over the video. Sadly never had the time to invest and try it out or go through the huge detailed docs. The power of generating an endpoint looks impressive and a massive time saver. The testing DB wrapper utility is also an amazing feat. Thank you very much for putting this together. I am a bit confused why they went with Castle Winsdor as DI can become a perf issue in larger systems. DryIoc could be a better match e.g. I'd love to see the same overview for react template and / or the enterprise paid version. V.